About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You With The Best Experience In The Outdoors.

There are some wild and remote corners to even the most popular National Parks. We draw on many years of aimless wandering to take you to some of the greatest (and quietest) locations around.

Our Company

Black Grouse was established over a decade ago and our values haven’t changed much during that time. We still love being outdoors and enjoying all the benefits that brings. Finding solitude has become more difficult in the past couple of years as more and more people have realised the wonderful locations this country has to offer. It made us more determined than ever to make what we offer impact the countryside as little as possible. Locations are chosen not only for their wildness and beauty but also for their quietness and solitude. Group sizes are kept small so we can give you all our attention. We allow enough time for you to enjoy, to learn, to relax, to switch off, to unwind.

Small groups. Big smiles.

About Me

Hello. I’m Tony and you’ll usually find me outdoors (apart from when I’m writing blurb like this). I’ve been making people follow me round in the hills for over 25 years, sometimes they actually want to be there. It’s a tough way to make a living but someone had to do it. I’m passionate about the wild places (and not so wild), and love sharing them with other people. Fancy coming along too? You’ll be more than welcome.

All the relevant paperwork, insurance and boring important stuff is in the proper places so if you book with us you can be sure we’ll keep you safe.

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