The Lakes

What better way to explore the National Park than from the water. The iconic landscape takes on a whole new bucket load of awesomeness when you view it from a paddle board.

Lakes Weekender

We’ll choose the best areas to explore depending on weather conditions to give you 2 days of excellent paddling.

Campsite – Consiton Hall

Cost – £250 Secure your 2024 weekend for just £50

Dates 2024

20-22 September

What To Bring
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Snacks to keep you going
  • Comfortable clothes/shoes for paddling
  • Dry clothes/shoes for the campsite
  • Previous paddle boarding experience
  • A dazzling smile -perhaps some toothpaste too
What We Provide
  • High quality touring boards, paddle, leash with quick release waist belt
  • Buoyancy Aid
  • Helmet
  • Dry bag
  • Spacious tent just for you
  • Comfy sleep mat
  • Chairs
  • Breakfast, lunch and evening meal
  • Tea and coffee
  • An expert guide
  • All transport
  • Support vehicle for the duration of your expedition
  • Station pick-up if required
Sample Itinerary

Although our expeditions start on different days and in different locations they all follow roughly the same pattern.

Day 1 – Aim to arrive at the campsite between 5pm and 7pm. Your tent will be ready for you and we’ll cobble something together for dinner. There’ll be the chance to give our paddle boards a try before you head off in the morning.

Day 2 – After breakfast and making your lunch we’ll transport you, your guide and everything else you need to a great location.

Day 3 – Breakfast and lunch making again, packing away anything you don’t need. We’ll head off for the days paddling before returning you to your car by 4pm.

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